Our Areas of Focus and Experience With Adolescents Include:
Anxiety and Stress Management
Anger, Aggression, and Defiance
Depression and Suicidal Thoughts
School Difficulties
Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Physical, Sexual, and Verbal Abuse
Grief and Loss
Divorce and Separation
Family Conflict
Problems with Peers
Self Harming Behaviors
Foster Care, and Adoption

Adolescence can be a very difficult time for teenagers and their families. It is at this stage of development that issues of independence, identity, and sexuality are confronted. This is also a time of rapid growth and adjustment which can come with an increased level of turmoil. As young men and women begin to transition into adulthood they can often face issues of withdrawal, depression, aggression, and lack of self-esteem.

Adolescent psychotherapy provides teens with the space to discuss their problems outside the scope of their family system. This alone can make a powerful impact because of the adolescent’s need for independence. Working with adolescents requires an overlap between the interventions used with children and adults. We assess each adolescent to determine what interventions will be most effective for that individual.

We have found that the teens we’ve worked with respond well to our genuine interest in their lives and our therapeutic relationship can be a great resource during this developmental phase where they are establishing their independence from their families but still in need of guidance and support.

Parents also play a key role in their teen’s therapy. Even though we value our individual work with youth, we have found that the most profound changes can come from the collateral work that is done with their parents.

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