You and your child can find support for personal needs and issues including:

Anger and Aggression
Excessive Worry
Separation and Divorce
Family Conflict
School Concerns
Grief and Loss
Problems with Peers
Trauma Recovery
Foster Care and Adoption

Children are affected by events in their lives as deeply as adults; sometimes more so. Seeking professional assistance for your child is often a good idea if your child is in emotional distress and this distress is significantly interfering with their daily functioning and/or the achievement of normal developmental milestones. Children who are sad, irritable, overanxious, or hyperactive tend to make much better adjustments to life when they have the benefits of counseling. Therapy not only provides children with an opportunity to safely express their feelings and thoughts, but it also helps them develop the tools to handle life’s difficulties in a more positive and constructive manner.

Child therapy is not the same as psychotherapy for adults. While talking is the fundamental task of psychotherapy for adults, play is the medium best used by children to communicate their emotional distress. Because kids do not have the same verbal capabilities as adults, child therapy is much more active than adult psychotherapy. Most children cannot resolve or even express their problems through verbal dialogue in the same way that most adults can. Instead they enact their emotional distress in their play.

Parents play the most important role in child therapy. Although we believe meeting with the child alone is a necessary part of child therapy, we have found that our work with parents can make the greatest difference in a child’s life.

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